The Commission on Islands is a group approved by the IGU Executive Committee at the IGU Brisbane Conference in July, 2006. Geographers from around the world engaged in intense discussions on island-related issues, especially how geography could contribute to the management and development of islands in accordance with the 1994 Barbados Action Plan, UNESCO, and other inter-governmental organisations and programmes.

The main missions of the Commission are

  • to promote island studies in geographical sciences among international geographical research communities
  • to provide a platform in connecting island studies with existing international programs and island networks
  • to promote the study of island geography in education programs at all levels, especially, but not exclusively, in island societies
  • to support and promote the publication of island geographic research
  • to collaborate with international and regional organizations to enhance dialogue on sustainable development of island societies.

    We welcome your participation in this important work.



    As bounded arenas, islands have long facilitated examination of structural forces and mechanisms of interaction and change relevant to vastly broader contexts than the unique places they are.

    Bringing these themes together in synthetic geographic research and international collaborative projects is an increasingly urgent task as humanity navigates its future in a rapidly and unevenly globalizing world. The IGU Commission on Islands seeks to work together with related IGU Commissions and other relevant national and international organizations in promoting research on and awareness of island development issues.