2013/01/15-17 Local Actions in a Global Context Conference, Svalbard Archipelago, the world's arctic outpost...


Local Actions in a Global Context

Paradiplomacy by Subnational Jurisdictions

15‒17 January 2013, Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Norway)

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Local Actions in a Global Context will consider how subnational jurisdictions use paradiplomacy to seek influence beyond their borders. As globalisation reduces the ability of national governments to independently implement effective policies, subnational jurisdictions – towns, cities, and regions – are finding that sovereignty is no longer essential for entrance to the global stage. Local governments and unrecognised states are using paradiplomacy and informal diplomacy to promote their interests internationally in such areas as trade, culture, tourism, politics, and environment.

Paradiplomacy presents concerns as well as opportunities. Local governments may lack the vital skills and democratic structures to engage competently and responsibly in a global context. Multilevel governance could also complicate international decision-making and reinforce disparities of wealth.

This conference will consider the implications of subnational and unrecognised jurisdictions exercising foreign policy and how such actions could benefit and harm communities and the world at large. It will also explore the apparatuses of paradiplomacy (tourism offices, trade boards, etc.) and the nature of interactions between subnational jurisdictions and other actors. Globalisation and governance experts Jon Pierre and Eric Clark will be keynote speakers.

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